Friday, March 23, 2007

Snow in March!

This is what I get for talking on the phone with my college roommate for 10 minutes, and not checking on the kids! One day this will be really funny. Not today. Not tomorrow. Maybe next week. :)


Amylouwho said...

yep - no phone calls longer than 2 monutes until they're out of the house! bummer.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a picture my mom has of my sister and I (my twin) on our bedroom floor completely surrounded by diapers that we emptied from about 4 cartons full. She said the same wasn't really funny until she put it in the "wedding album" she and my sister made for me. At that point, it was finally funny! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wrote that!

KIM Saguinsin