Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Look what Seth learned to do!

Best Buds

Seth has some great friends from his preschool class. We had a playdate every Friday during the school year.

Fun at the Beach

Here we are, living it up at the beach.

When Life Gives You Lemons...

...sell them, and make $30.00 bucks in quarters! We had our neighborhood yard sale a while back. Brody and his friend, Camdyn, decided to have a lemonade stand. Apparently, they were the only refreshment stand anywhere in the neighborhood that day, and people were coming to find our yard to get some lemonade! LOL

They made over $30.00 in quarters that day! Here are some photos of the little entrepreneurs... They even expanded their product line, giving out free balloons and selling silly bands. Too cute.

The Boys of Summer

Too cool. Just had to include this photo that my sis took of the boys and their cousin, Evan.


Brody is so, so proud of himself. There are new water slides at our pool this summer, and there is a pretty strenuous swimming/diving/treading test that you have to pass to ride the slides.

Brody practiced for over a month to pass the test, and HE DID! Here he is riding down the slides!

There is also plenty of fun to be had by Seth, and the rest of the family. Seth is planning on passing the test NEXT summer! :)

Lollipop Fairies

Okay, so only in our house, does the tooth fairy bring lollipops... and that is only because there was a written request for one.

Brody lost his first tooth! :o) We were at Water Country USA, and Brody's tooth was so loose, and we didn't want him to loose it on a ride or pool, so Kurt pulled it in the parking lot! Brody giggled the whole time he was pulling it. LOL.

Here he is with his tooth and holey smile.

Then, he wrote a note for the tooth fairy. And left his tooth in an envelope. The note read:

dear totth ferey,
I lost my first tooth. Plese leve me a lollepop.
thak you, Brody

The tooth was gone the next morning, and in it's place was a rolled up 5 dollar bill, an enormous lollipop, and a fair amount of fairy dust! Too cool! We are so excited that the tooth fairy has come to our house.

I'm Back.... Again

I have been gone for so long, and figured I better get back online, sharing our photos, and the anecdotes of our lives!

Starting with today... we have an extremely creep moth on our back deck. And I use the term "moth" lightly. It is, actually, a large tarantula with wings. Seriously. Check out this thing. The wing span, not fully extended even, is about 6 inches.

It looks like a beautiful butterfly, until you see that it is fat... and hairy... with huge legs... and beady eyes, with hairy fan-like antenna. And don't be fooled, this thing is huge.