Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lollipop Fairies

Okay, so only in our house, does the tooth fairy bring lollipops... and that is only because there was a written request for one.

Brody lost his first tooth! :o) We were at Water Country USA, and Brody's tooth was so loose, and we didn't want him to loose it on a ride or pool, so Kurt pulled it in the parking lot! Brody giggled the whole time he was pulling it. LOL.

Here he is with his tooth and holey smile.

Then, he wrote a note for the tooth fairy. And left his tooth in an envelope. The note read:

dear totth ferey,
I lost my first tooth. Plese leve me a lollepop.
thak you, Brody

The tooth was gone the next morning, and in it's place was a rolled up 5 dollar bill, an enormous lollipop, and a fair amount of fairy dust! Too cool! We are so excited that the tooth fairy has come to our house.

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