Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tattoo Artist in the Making

Brody does a mean General Grievous (from Clone Wars) tattoo if anyone wants one!

the long and short of it

So, after having long hair for a while now, I decided this morning to jump on the short hair bandwagon... and 6 inches later, here I am! I am so happy with it! I thought I would be sad and miss the long hair, but it was always back in a clip or ponytail anyway!

Yay!!! Sorry, Kurt! You'll get used to it! :o)

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Sun Fun Has Begun

Yep... our high class plastic pool has made it's debut, not to mention the totally cool sprinkler thingy that is fun and safe! :) Instant babysitters!

Here is Seth squirting Brody with the sprinkler hose thingy...

and here is Brody getting him back in the pool...

Ahhhh.... brothers.

Friday, April 24, 2009

pillows off again

seriously. check the time stamp.


i'm. gonna. leave. the. pillows. on. the. floor.

my hidden camera theory

I theorize....

that if someone secretly video recorded a week of mine, and then a focus group watched it back in fast forward... they would all agree that the poor woman on the video should have lost her mind by now! :)

I just walked by the living room and put the pillows back on the couch for the 8th time today. seriously. no lie. You think I would just get the point and take the pillows away... but then how would I fill my time? :)

Bike Safety

The kids had bike safety day at their preschool the other day. It was so cute, and a lot of fun for them. They learned about helmets and riding, control, etc...

Here are a few photos of Seth's class:

and Brody's class:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Definition of Scatterbrained

This just happened to me... seriously, no embellishments needed:

I was working at the computer and got hungry...

So, I went into the kitchen, got two pieces of bread out of the fridge to make a sandwich. I put them on a plate. I got out the peanut butter but decided to make a ham sandwich instead.

I went over to the fridge to get the ham. As I looked into the deli drawer, I realized that MOST of the things in the drawer were old and needed to be thrown out...

So, I cleaned out the whole fridge.

Then, I realized that I had most of the ingredients in there to make one of my favorite dinners, so I went over to the recipe books to get out the Weight Watchers recipe book (I'm trying WW again).

As I started to get the book, I saw all of my old WW literature from the many years I have done it, so I pulled that stuff down and started to look through it to see how far I have come. (up and down, up and down, etc...)

As I was looking through the Weight Watchers stuff, Seth came in wearing the same shirt that he has been wearing for like 5 days... so I realized that I really needed to get some laundry done. now.

So, I went into the laundry room and started to get the clothes and stuff off the washer in order to actually do the laundry... and found 5 easter baskets/buckets and candy galore, which all needs to be consolidated into the large "candy tub" where all the candy goes in our house until it needs to be thrown away...

So, I pulled the 5 easter baskets out of the laundry room and placed them on the kitchen counter, right next to my 2 pieces of bread, sitting upon the plate.

It was the that I realized that I needed to blog this crazy mind progression, so off to the computer

...when my phone rings, and I start talking with a friend.

As I hang up the phone, I can't remember what I was coming to do at the computer, and I get stuck reading email...

Until I remember why I was here... to blog my scatterbrain! So, here I am...

+ bread on the plate
+ weight watchers materials spread over the stove
+ clothes on the floor of the laundry room
+ easter baskets and candy all laid out on the counter
+ phone not returned to the base to charge

and me.... about an hour later.... sitting at the computer... just like I was when all of this started...

and hey, I'm feeling hungry... maybe I will go make a sandwich... and get sidetracked by cleaning up all of that stuff along the way.

One whole hour of moving and thinking, etc... and I got NOTHING done (oh, except cleaning the fridge)!

Anybody else ever feel this same way?!

Big, Bad, Brody!

Brody did it! He has graduated to the Big Coasters! Our little boy rode the Big Bad Wolf yesterday at Busch Gardens, and he loved it! He wasn't scared at all. He didn't show any signs of anything except excitement...

As we were halfway up the big hill, I looked over at this small child who JUST made the cutoff for the height requirement, and I could barely see him, his face not big enough to protrude through the shoulder harness. My mom-sense was screaming at myself, " I can't believe you put this small, frail being on this big bad coaster." I was more scared for him than to think of my own fears at all. I was sure he was going to be traumatized. I had put him in a place where he would fear for his life... and I did it on purpose! I was so mad at myself... until we got off the ride... and he wanted to do it again, right away!

I guess, as a mom, I need to learn to step back, stop protecting, and let him experience life, for he said it best when he was telling Mimi on the phone what he had done, "Mimi, I felt a little scared on the big hill, but you know what? Being scared is what made it the most fun!"

And, I can't finish the post without mentioning that BOTH of my boys, Seth included, rode the new kiddie steel coaster at Busch Gardens. Seth was a trooper... he smiled as he got on the ride, looked terrified the entire time he was on it, but was talking a mile a minute afterward about how much he loved it. We are raising some BRAVE BOYS! :)

Good job, guys!

:) It is going to be a FUN summer!