Saturday, April 18, 2009

Big, Bad, Brody!

Brody did it! He has graduated to the Big Coasters! Our little boy rode the Big Bad Wolf yesterday at Busch Gardens, and he loved it! He wasn't scared at all. He didn't show any signs of anything except excitement...

As we were halfway up the big hill, I looked over at this small child who JUST made the cutoff for the height requirement, and I could barely see him, his face not big enough to protrude through the shoulder harness. My mom-sense was screaming at myself, " I can't believe you put this small, frail being on this big bad coaster." I was more scared for him than to think of my own fears at all. I was sure he was going to be traumatized. I had put him in a place where he would fear for his life... and I did it on purpose! I was so mad at myself... until we got off the ride... and he wanted to do it again, right away!

I guess, as a mom, I need to learn to step back, stop protecting, and let him experience life, for he said it best when he was telling Mimi on the phone what he had done, "Mimi, I felt a little scared on the big hill, but you know what? Being scared is what made it the most fun!"

And, I can't finish the post without mentioning that BOTH of my boys, Seth included, rode the new kiddie steel coaster at Busch Gardens. Seth was a trooper... he smiled as he got on the ride, looked terrified the entire time he was on it, but was talking a mile a minute afterward about how much he loved it. We are raising some BRAVE BOYS! :)

Good job, guys!

:) It is going to be a FUN summer!

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