Monday, March 23, 2009


Brody is reading! I am completely overjoyed to watch him sit down with a couple of his favorite reader books and sound out the words!

He is slowly becoming more independent, and with the skills he is learning, especially reading, he will be able to survive in this world without me always hovering. It is sad, but also so joyful! I think through history of all the people who were never taught to read, and it is just amazing that Brody will have this incredible skill throughout his life! We are so blessed.

We ordered 4 books that have been incredible for him! I will hear him sitting off alone in another room, reading! :) Even laughing when he reads something funny!

And I can't believe how fast he is picking up on it! Once he started, he just keeps going and going! Now he wants to READ EVERYTHING!

This is the most amazed I have been of the human development since we began down this child-rearing journey!

Good job, Brody! :)

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Erin Hingley said...

He's smart as a wip! I'd like to think that maybe his brillant teachers may have helped too lol! Way to go Brody!!!! Good work Jen and've got a good boy!