Monday, March 16, 2009

The Akers' Library!

One of my biggest organizational dilemmas is my kids books. We have a standard 3 shelf bookcase that holds all their books in their bedroom, which is great if you can READ the spines to find what you are looking for. If you can't read, and small children usually can't (except, I have a post coming soon about that!), you end up with all of the books regularly pulled out onto the floor so your child can find the book they want.

I spend a LOT of time putting those books back in the shelf. Until today.

Ta Dah!!!

At first, I went online to find a book shelf that I could purchase so my kids could SEE the covers of a selection of their books, instead of downloading them all to their floor. None of the products I saw were large enough for what I was looking for, and they were pretty expensive. Well, I ended up on someone's blog who had made "rain gutter shelves". Yes, you heard me right. You can install plastic rain gutters on the wall, and voila... bookshelves!

The shelves themselves cost me 4.97 for a 20 foot piece (which I had the guy at Home Depot cut for me). The end caps were about 6 bucks a piece, so we got a FULL WALL of shelves for around 40 dollars!

The kids LOVE it, and immediately stopped running around, picked a favorite book, and sat down to read!



amylouwho said...

What a great idea! I love it! It looks so neat and tidy. Can you email me the link to that blog?

KIM said...

Brilliant! LOVE the idea!

Charlotte Geary said...

Wow, brilliant idea!

Laura said...

These are great! We will have to find a nook to do this in our house too! We have so many books. And did you paint the playful scene above the shelves as well?? Let me know!!