Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Akers are On The Mend

Kurt had surgery on his collar bone on Monday. He is doing pretty good. He is bored, as is to be expected. If I had a few weeks to not be working, I would LOVE sitting around reading, watching tv, etc... Kurt, on the other hand, goes crazy.

I found out that I have a stress fracture on my right foot. It started really hurting me on our trip to Austria, but I just figured it was a pulled muscle and would go away once we got home. It didn't. In fact, it got so much worse that I couldn't stand without significant pain. I went to the doctor yesterday and got the xray taken. I have to get another bone test done, too.

So, I am in "stay off your feet" mode, which isn't easy with the two kids and a one-armed husband on pain killers! :)

Pray for us!

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