Saturday, November 22, 2008

Finally Four Eyes!

I did it. I *FINALLY* bought my glasses!

And... I realized that the ones I had tried on earlier that so many of my great friends voted on were just too expensive. *sigh* again, my apolgies!

So, I went to BJ's (great glasses deals, by the way!) and tried to get ones that are as close to the ones that you all voted on...

So, here they are!

I LOVE them. I got the same ones with black frames for my prescription sunglasses! Yipppeee!


Amylouwho said...

Hey those are CUTE! I went to the eye doctor yesterday and was thinking of you the whole time. The glasses I have are almost 10 years old and they were all making fun of them, that I looked like an old granny professor or something!

So of course the ones she shows me are the MOST expensive ones. And the ones I liked best were Coach - of course - like 500$. Yeah, that's not going to happen. Now I remember why my glasses are 10 years old.

I went to Costco later that day and found that they charge only 80$ for lenses with the antireflective coating that I wanted - and at the Dr.s office it was 100$ just for that treatment on the lens!! Are you KIDDING me?!! What a racket. I'm tempted to buy the cheaper frames I liked at the doctors and take them to Costco to get the lenses put in.

At any rate - I'm waiting until after the holidays. We have 2 birthdays and Christmas next month. And then Andrew at the end of January. Whew!

Sam and Rachel Tramontana said...

Jen! They look awesome, and GOSH you have lost so much weight, you look fantastic!

Charlotte Geary said...

You look so adorable!