Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Day in Innsbruck

We performed at the middle school this morning (post to follow) and then spent the day walking around Innsbruck, getting lunch, seeing the sights, and shopping. We are with a fantastic bunch of people, and find that even though we are trying not to be obnoxious Americans, we can't stop laughing. We try to laugh quietly and discreetly, though. It truly has been a joyful experience so far.

I am going to post some photos of our shenanigans.... I'll post the touristy photos we have taken in another post, but wanted to celebrate the ones that will illustrate just how crazy the people are that are with us!

Innsbruck was a beautiful, yet bustling city. The old world architecture meeting the modern day hustle was quite interesting. It is crazy to go into an 18th-century Baroque cathedral (Cathedral of Saint James)and then walk a block over and go into a shopping mall.

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Will said...

I do love Milka!!!

My favorite picture is the one of Fred and Allison where he's holding up the Milka bar in front of his face. Check out the old man in the background!