Tuesday, July 07, 2009

On a Tight Schedule

So, summer hasn't been the easiest in the Akers' household. With my trying to work every day and the kids home, it makes for much boredom, and hence, acting out. The kids have had a rough time of it.

To give them a framework of what their day will entail (which I hope, will help them to cope with these long days) I have created a picture schedule for them to see each morning when they wake up. Thanks to my friend, Theresa, for the idea!

The kids seem to enjoy it so far, and it even helped them to get ready quicker today, seeing that they had day camp and gymnastics tonight!

Here's hoping the summer gets a tad easier!

The schedule runs the entire height of our fridge, and has slits where I can swap out the daily tasks (which I created by finding clip art online, printing, then laminating).

Here is a close-up.

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one effective mommy said...

Can you share how you made the schedule? I'm just curious about measurements. This is a great idea for my daughter and I do better with detailed directions. Thanks! Laura