Monday, August 03, 2009

I need some decorating advice!

Okay, a while back, we re-did our kitchen. Now, we have (mostly) all black appliances, and a dark wood on our cabinets.

Our kitchen table and chairs doesn't match.

Since we really don't want to put money toward buying a new set, I have decided to stain/paint the set.

Only problem, I can't decide how I want it to look. The only thing I do know, is that I want to paint the chair legs and backs, not stain them. I DO NOT want to have to worry about sanding them all down to stain.

So, here are the three options... Leave me a comment and let me know which number you think looks best!!!

Current Kitchen:

1. All Black:

2. Stained Table Top

3. Stained Table and Chair Tops


Bill J said...

Um, sorry kid, any way you slice it you need to sand the finish off so that the paint will adhere. You are looking at definitely sanding off the eurethane, priming, and topcoat. Primer will be important for adhesion and ensuring that the topcoat lasts.

I like # 3 the best, although just match the cabinet color as that will be the best for making it look like a coordinated set.

TheAkersFam said...

nooooooooo..... say it isn't so! I suppose if anyone knows, it is you B! Thanks for the advice!

amylouwho said...

I've been painting a lot of furniture lately - most of what I was painting was older stuff, but the sanding was not that bad. Esp. if you have an electric sander. I used spray primer and then foam rollers for the paint. However if you do it all black - I think you could just spray it.

On that note - I think the all black looks great. Then you could antique it a little with some sanded, aged edges. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea about the sanding down but Bill J's comment does make sense about getting rid of the poly eurethane. It's usually pretty thick on top to protect the table top. Black looks like a nice contrast and definitely sand some back off for a distressed look. It also helps hide any mistakes. Considering your counter tops are light, you may want to make the table legs dark and whitewash the top. Look into an inexpensive plexi-glass piece for the top and that will help preserve it. Water and wood just don't mix no matter how many coats of varnish you use. An acrylic top will help protect against burns and other kitchen hazards -- like 2 kids!!! Hope this helps a little! :)

Susan said...

Definitely all black.

Susan said...

Definitely all black.

KIM said...

Hey Jen! Tim and I successfully moved to NJ! AHHH! And ironically, my dad and I (Tim was working) rennovated our kitchen. Yes, WE did. Oy. We gutted it. Yes, we are insane. But, like you, we did it on a BUDGET. We re-used the cabinets, just painted them! And I have to agree with Bill J. You need to sand. But, we did use an electric sander and it went (relatively) quickly.

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Oh and I like #3!