Saturday, September 12, 2009

Game 1


The Dodgers played the Phillies today. And there was no score. And no outs. LOL. But everyone had fun!

Brody was the FIRST kid up to bat for the whole season... and he swung and HIT IT! We were all so excited... but not half as excited as he was.

He also got to be the "pitcher" his first time out in the field, so he had a fantastic time at his game!


Yes, at times, the dirt held his interest more than the game.

PaChuck and Seth were quite the cheerleaders.

Here is Brody on the pitchers mound, with the coach.

This is his first hit. It was a foul ball, but we were so proud!!

Later in the game, he hit one in, and here he is on first base. Check out that smile!

He is officially a ball player. Hand on the crotch, and all. And, I just noticed his teammate in the outfield. Too funny.

Here he is running home!

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