Monday, February 22, 2010

I gave him grief, and he gave me a pen!, yo wanna see a good reason to keep your drawers/closets clean?

I used to complain to Kurt ALL THE TIME that I could never find a pen in our house. I even asked for (and received) pens for Christmas.

So, after cleaning out my junked up areas... I found... (are you ready for this?)

SIXTY-ONE pens (and that doesn't count the 23 that I threw out because they didn't work anymore)

Seriously. Sad commentary on the disorganization I was living in. Check out this stash now!

Now go clean out your drawers! For this one, I just used tupperware containers that we had lost lids to or that we rarely used. :)

*dang* I so could have asked for something better for Christmas, huh?

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