Wednesday, October 25, 2006


That is the only word for it, Horrendous. I just took both boys to have their picture taken together. It couldn't have gone more awful. seriously. all joking aside.

It all ended up with one kid having a large knot on his head and screaming, one actually getting a semi-hard pop on the behind in the parking lot (and I NEVER do that), my losing the car keys, having the people at the photo place take care of my kids for me while I find my car keys, the bag that was carrying all of the clothes/shoes/socks ripped in half, so I had to carry/drop/kick/lose/pick up everything.

And that is just highlights. Seriously. I couldn't control Brody. He was unbelieveably defiant. If I told him not to do it, he did it just to make me angry. If I told him to put his legs down, he stuck them straight up and smirked at me. #(@*%^@&! (* HE was NOT in the mood to have his picture taken. In fact, it was the farthest thing from his agenda. The poor people at the photo place had quite an hour with us there. Brody was all over the place while I was trying to dress/undress Seth. THEY were having to CARRY Brody back downstairs because he wouldn't leave, and when he did start to go down, he only wanted to jump down the stairs. That was no good, so they actually carried him.

I was mortified and seething. It scared me how angry and frustrated I could be at my child. I hadn't experienced that to this degree. I am sure that the magnitude of the awfulness isn't coming across in this posting, either. You will all just have to think I am crazy, because it was one of the most single awful experiences I have ever had. Worse than childbirth. I'm not even joking. It made me wonder whether I am cut out for this mother thing. I was unorganized, frustrated, moody, flighty, and bewildered.

I called them to see if they thought we should reschedule or not. She said that she thinks there is one that is good, but the rest aren't. SO, we just spent an HOUR trying to get a picture, and I have ONE to choose from. *sigh* I am NOT doing it again, either. seriously.

Okay. Thanks for letting me rant. I needed to get that out. *sigh*

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