Monday, October 23, 2006

What a cool day!

Seth loves bubbles. :o) And for all you new moms out there, there are NO bubbles like GYMBOREE bubbles. You can buy them in the Gymboree clothing stores in the malls if you don't take Gymboree classes. Awesome.

Also, we went to the coolest place tonight, and I am pretty sure we will be going there for Brody's birthday party in Feb. It is a place called The Jumpin' Monkey. It is a HUGE room with toys and dress up and slides and ride-on toys and the best part is they have those big blow up jumping thingys (like moon bounces). It was awesome. You pay 5 dollars for one hour and Seth just crawled around and played with baby stuff and Brody jumped and slid and played with toys. It was great.

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