Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Seth only has 4 teeth. Therefore, he really can't chew anything big, what with having no molars, etc... Just try chewing everything with your 4 front teeth.

Well, anyway, because of the lack of teeth, he seems to choke on anything bigger than your thumbnail, so we are still cutting everything up into MINISCULE pieces, and then we still have to watch him like a hawk.

Today, we had lunch and then I went to the computer to catch up on some email while the kids played. It was awfully quiet, so I went into the kitchen, and there was Seth, downing Brody's french fries, whole, smothered in ketchup. There was ketchup everywhere, evidence that he had been there a while. I actually watched him swallow an entire french fry, WITH NO CHEWING. Unbelieveable. I didn't know whether to laugh or turn myself in for negligence!

Oh, please Lord, send Seth some teeth SOON!

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