Thursday, May 31, 2007

Those Crazy Akers!

We took a moment while shopping at the mall tonight to snap some pics on one of those photo booth things. I think these are the best family portraits we have taken! :)

I hope my kids will always be silly. It amazes me how serious I see some people are with their kids. Yes, we do need to discipline and teach manners, etc... but kids just need to be kids most of the time! I think how fast you grow up, and how quickly you have to be "mature" and are told to "act your age", when we don't even let kids act their age when they are 3 most of the time! And being silly and having fun are things that are learned, and mostly from your parents.

I hope that my kids will always find the funny, silly side to everything, that they won't take this crazy world too seriously, and will find something to do in their lives that makes them smile and laugh every day!

My friend Amy (hi Amy!) has a link on her website to a children's band website that I have visited called Dog on Fleas. They have a song called "When I Get Little" and I think it really captures the idea of not growing up too fast, that it really isn't all it is cracked up to be.

Here is the link to their lyrics page...

Dog on Fleas lyrics - When I Get Little

This is my favorite part of that song...

When I get little I’m gonna quit my job (2X)
Spend all day just pickin’ some flowers
Minutes fly by and so do the hours
When I get little I’m gonna quit my job

I won’t know the word priority
But I got ‘em lined up in front of me
Eat and sleep and play in the dirt
Daydreamin’ all the time"

That song seems to be written especially for my dirt digger, Brody!

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