Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Three Graduations!

Last Wednesday, Brody had a graduation, or "Stepping Up" ceremony at his preschool. It was really wonderful. I got lots of great pictures of his class and they did a sweet job singing songs for us. I can't believe he is out of school for the summer already! Needless to say, this week has been *interesting* having both the kids home the whole day on Mon,Wed, and Fri!

Then, on Monday night after dinner, we went out to City Park and Brody graduated up to the big kids slides! Both kids had a lot of fun. Seth is fearless. Truly.

Then, this morning, Seth graduated to his toddler bed! He LOVES it! He went right down for his morning nap with no problems, but for his afternoon nap, I did have to go in and put him back in his bed twice. But, after that, he went to sleep. Then, tonight for bedtime, he went straight to sleep! It is so wonderful to have good sleepers!

I remember Brody being the same way when we switched him to his toddler bed, although, we did have to go in and move him back into his bed after he fell asleep in some crazy positions, as you can see below!

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