Sunday, June 08, 2008

What!? Are they *cRaZY*?!

Yep. We are. Completely and Totally.

Look who is sharing a room now and just LOOK what Mommy bought them this past weekend?

After setting down the ground rules (okay, stop snickering), we allowed the boys to start playing in their new bed. They absolutely love it, and so far so good! No trips to the emergency room yet and they have been at it for over an hour!

Maybe next month we will all go running in the neighborhood while holding scissors. OR, better yet, I could turn all the pot handles OUT while cooking dinner!




Sam and Rachel Tramontana said...

Congratulations .... welcome to bad parenting 101! If you didn't notice, the warnings say DONT LET KIDS UNDER 6 on the top bunk there missy! ;) (Like I should talk, I bought my 3 year old bunks that for some reason look taller???) I asked Sam if we should remove that sticker...he's like no, why, I said...Um, well our kids aren't 6, or EVEN CLOSE!!! Oh and my 2 year old twins love to climb on it, and one has fallen off the ladder already...and your little tree climbing monkey, by the way, taught my little monkey a trick to get DOWN the bunk without using the ladder so it's the "cool" thing to shimmy down the 0side. (heehee!!) I'm waiting for the trip to the emergency room myself. I've got 10 down on it being Avery. Hey, we can carpool....with the price of gas these days!!!???

Charlotte Geary said...

How adorable! Did you get that at Ikea on your way home?

Your commentary is always hilarious!