Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Bad with the Good

I was looking back through photos tonight and came across a tantrum that Seth had one night while we were trying to get him to eat dinner.

I am glad I take photos of things like this, as it is so easy to forget all of the stages and things you go through with kids. These trying moments are actually ones that I will remember fondly. The bad moments are such a part of being a parent, and it makes the good moments just THAT MUCH more special!

These photos break my heart (especially the middle row, all the way to the right)... but you will be glad to know that we stuck by our guns and he ate the spaghetti. :O)

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Sam and Rachel Tramontana said...

Ok I think you photo-shopped those tears and frowns on poor Seth...he's never unhappy, and that kid will eat ANYTHING!!! It's a hoax, people, a hoax! ;)

We had a similar episode with Avery this week, I made potato gnocci (spelling?) with pasta sauce...and Addison and Zach ate it all and Avery ate everything else on her plate except the pasta. I said one bite Ave, that's it. She said "I don't want it." I said one bite and you can get down. Would you know that little (brat) sat there for 45 minutes FORTY FIVE WHOLE MINUTES and would not eat the one tiny bite. She didn't cry, she didn't fuss - she would ask to get down and I said nope, not until you eat it. I even negotiated, 1/2 of a bite. She just said nope, I don't like it (even though just a few weeks ago, she devoured it!) I finally relented and made her a PB&J ... I couldn't take it any longer....

KIDS...they are the reason parents go insane! ;)