Thursday, August 28, 2008

Teddy Bear Tea

Brody and Seth had their Teddy Bear Tea at school. Brody just amazed me, how old he is, and how well adjusted he is. He just walked right into his room (NONE of the kids from his class last year are in his this year!) and he started making friends. He was such a good listener, helped clean up toys, put his trash away, used good manners, and everything I would have expected from him. I was so proud of him!

Seth also had his first day at school. The kids were all so cute. He was SO excited to finally be going to school. He wanted to go all last year and had a hard time understanding that he wasn't big enough yet. Well, now he is! He did such a good job and enjoyed every minute.

I can't believe both of them will be in preschool next year! Time is FLYING! *sigh*

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