Friday, December 19, 2008

In the true spirit of Over-Indulgence...

...we decided to make icing-m&m-redhot-sprinkle cookies, aka Gingerbread Men.

Surprisingly, this activity actually captured the kids attention throughout the entire process, and they even enjoyed decorating more than one cookie a piece! Usually, they make it through one, and they they are off wrestling and racing each other to see who will hold the "I can race fastest and knock the most things over the most" house award. Today, the winner is Seth. But that's another post.

We all enjoyed the cookie-making festivities tonight.

Brody and Seth used as many high calorie candy pieces accessories as they could on their cookies. In fact, just looking at a few of them makes my blood sugar levels rise.

Daddy was quite the proficient decorator, as displayed here with his "Ginger UniBrow Comb-Over Man".

And we parents got quite a laugh at comparing the kids cookies to our own. Can you guess whose is whose between the two below?

The boys are quite proud, as they should be.


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