Monday, September 11, 2006

The end of summer

There is a definitely a crisp, fall feeling in the air. I LOVE it. Summer has become my least favorite season, probably because of the heat and shorts. Not to mention bathing suits! This summer was so hot that we spent most of our time inside because the heat index was too high for children. Sad.

But now, we have been spending so much time outside!

Last night we went to watch Daddy play softball. Brody spent the whole time digging in the dirt and Seth, who is still not fond of grass, sat on a blanket with me. Well, actually he crawled all over me and I sat on the blanket.

Today, I had one of the most wonderful mornings I have had in a long time. Don't get me wrong, I love to be with my kids. But after I dropped Brody off at preschool, Seth took a LONG nap. I opened the windows, cleaned my house, lit a Yankee Candle (Autumn Wreath, love it), turned on the radio, and SCRAPBOOKED. All by myself. Nobody crawling all over me. I didnt have to hide the pens and put my scissors/cutter up on the top shelf. I could leave the stamp pad out until I needed to use it again. *sigh* It was heaven.

Then, later today, Brody jumped on the trampoline at the neighbors house and then we played on the swingset until Daddy came home for dinner. Wonderful. Still summer, but so enjoyable!

Things I learned this summer:

Brody loves dirt.
Seth hates grass.
Watermelon means we will need to hose off.
Kids in the neigborhood are like ants. There is never just one.
I can "let go" and put the life of my child in another person's hands.
Kurt recovers from surgery faster than anyone on the planet.
Sugar can do crazy things to your body.
You must walk in the backyard at night with a flashlight or you can walk into some scary things.

Fireflies never seem to light when you are holding them to show a 2 year old.
2 year olds can feel pride, especially when the swim by themselves.
Brody is not quite ready to sit through a whole movie in the theater.
Nothing says loving to your husband like a clean house and dinner in the oven.
Brody doesn't like ice cream.
Time flies.

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