Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Romp in the Grass

It was 70 degrees last night, my favorite temperature. So while Kurt was cutting the grass, I decided to take Seth and Brody out to play in the yard. It wasn't until I sat Seth down on the grass and saw his reaction that I realized...this was really the first time he had experienced grass. He sat for about 2 minutes in some grass down in Roanoke, but this was really the first long-term contact he had.

He really wasn't sure what he thought of it. He sat there and didn't move. He didn't even like to have his legs or hands in it. :o) It truly was adorable. I took a bazillion pictures and then brought out a big blanket for him, which he would crawl to the edge of, touch one finger onto the grass and then back up onto the blanket. ;o)

Needless to say, Seth might not be the great outdoorsman as his brother is, who isn't happy unless he is rolling in dirt.

Well, since we had the blanket out on the lawn in 70 degree weather and it was dinner time, we had a picnic under the moon. It was a wonderful evening.


Amylouwho said...

Have you taken him to the beach yet? Sand is another weird one for them! Can't wait until it snows.....

(how did you post that video? adorable!)

TheAkersFamily said...

Nope, no sand yet. Crazy, since we live so near the beach!

We usually don't get much snow here (NONE this past winter) but I am hopeful!

You can post a video at and they give you the code to either embed or link your video to your blog. Pretty cool service.