Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Name that Gook

Brody, Seth, and I drove out to eat dinner at my parents campsite tonight. Seth ate leaves and pinecones. Brody played in the dirt and then ate lots of really bad-for-him stuff. Here is a pic of what was left over. See if you can name the two foods that are left on his face! Highlight the text here>Doritos and Marshmallows< to see the answer.


Anonymous said...

Come again soon - we will have graham crackers and Hershey bars next time, we promise.

Anonymous said...

By the way (I didn't get to finish!), I guessed the messy face immediately. Good, huh? Must be my grandson!

TheAkersFamily said...

We had a great time, dirt and all. S'mores next time, huh? I will hold you to that promise!