Sunday, April 29, 2007

Go Rangers!

This is from Brody's game on Saturday, which he only played half of because then he had a meltdown and cried the whole second half. Oh, the joys of an irrational, unreasonable 3 year old! I do love this picture, though. He actually did have fun during the first half!

Things that I learned at Brody's soccer game:

1. Give the kid time to finish his orange slice at halftime.
2. Don't under any circumstances, break that orange slice in half, because that, in a three year olds mind, is the equivalence to Armageddon.
3. "Your team needs you" doesn't work on kids who have a broken orange.
4. Just grin and bear it. Even though your kid is crying over *nothing* and you are mortified at all the other parents watching you, it is still all wonderful!

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