Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kooky stuff

Okay, so there is some virus that is going around. It is really strange... symptoms are:

  • no fever
  • no change to consistency of BM (easier to write this than spell the other word)
  • no mood change
  • 4 hours of vomiting

That is it. Apparently, it is going around like wildfire. Half of Brody's swim class, and the class in the big pool were missing because kids were home getting sick.

I had it late Saturday night before I had heard anyone else had it. I thought I had food poisoning. Well, when I woke up Sunday I was perfectly fine, but Seth had been sick in his bed. He was sick a couple times, then it was over.

Brody got sick for about 4-5 hours last night. It started in his bed at the end of his nap, then downstairs on the couch (2x with towels under him, just in case), and then the poor thing learned the value of keeping a pot nearby for another couple hours (so sad). I slept with him downstairs on the pullout sofa to take care of him. (note to self... buy new pullout bed that doesn't feel like sleeping on rocks.)

Anyway..... this makes for MUCH LAUNDRY.

No exaggeration.... in the past 2 days, I have done NINE loads of laundry. Still two more to go. Considering that Brody's comforter alone is one, his waterproof bed cover is another. Crazy! We just keep the washer/dryer going constantly!

The kids would usually be at daycare on Tuesdays, but seeing that they have had this virus thing, I kept them home today (Miss Mary said she has also had it, but thought it was food poisoning also). So much for all the stuff I was going to get done! As it appears right now, my day will consist of cleaning up cereal that was poured onto the floor, toys that were thrown down from over the upstairs banister, mopping up vanilla yogurt, and reassembling the couch once the cushion covers are done in the dryer.

Sorry for a whiny, pessimistic start to my day! Hope you all have a much better day, with a lot less laundry!

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Amylouwho said...

I'm so sorry! Alison had this a few months ago and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. And the little ones are so unsuspecting - they don't know what vomitting is or how to tell you it's going to happen. I hope you are all feeling better.