Tuesday, July 10, 2007

and let the motherly worrying begin

It is so strange the pain you feel, as a parent, when your child is hurting/scared/worried. It is almost as if he is still connected to me, physically.

Brody has always been a GREAT sleeper. From day one, he has been in his own room, with the door closed, all the lights off.

Well, in the past 6 months (?) he has started "seeing bad things" at night, which he now knows are bad dreams, or things that we see in our heads when we are sleeping. Well, he has many dreams about dinosaurs and dragons outside his window, and every now and then he will mention the "smiley bus" and how scary and fast and loud it is.

Well, it has gotten so bad, that now the door is open at night and he had a nightlight. Poor thing. It makes me so sick that he has fear now. Just knowing that he will grow up and have pain, and worry, and fear is so sad. I wish I could shelter him from ALL of it FOREVER!



hevans7020 said...

We're struggling with Cannon and bedtime too. He used to go down without any trouble. Now it's a BATTLE and I think it's because he's have nightmares. He told me the other day that he is afraid TRex is going to get him. I guess it doesn't help that we send him to bed with a flashlight that projects a giant TRex on his ceiling! woops... lesson learned! Hang in there, you're not alone, and "this too shall pass!"

TheAkersFamily said...

LOL. I had some great advice once... Fill a spray bottle with water and put a picture of a [dinosaur] on it and say it is dinosaur spray (like bug spray). A friend of mine used to spray "monster spray" in the closets and under the bed, etc... We haven't done it because we have been trying to go the route of "dragons aren't real", etc... but who knows, it could work for you!

It is so sad, isn't it?