Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Just me and the Boys

After dinner tonight, we drove up to Busch Gardens to walk around and ride a few kiddie rides. It was a WONDERFUL evening! It was about 72 the whole time we were there. The sun was low enough that we didn't need our sunglasses. We walked around and rode a few little rides, then they had their big fireworks display for the 4th of July. They have it every evening from July 1-4. It was AWESOME. There was music and a great display of fireworks. The boys weren't too keen on them, especially the noise, but Brody eventually warmed up to them and Seth just cuddled up to me on my shoulder and put up with them until they were done.

It was a leisurely, cool, wonderful evening with my boys. Brody walked with Kurt the whole time, held his hand, listened to us when we told him what to do (and what not to do) and was a joy the whole evening.

We left the park at 11 and they were both still awake and smiling.

Awesome. There is some hope yet!

Also, it was so nice to see them riding rides together. There were glimpses into how it will be as they grow up together riding the bigger and bigger rides each year.

*sigh* A mother's heart just sings for joy seeing her family happy and together. :o)


Amylouwho said...

so cute! I think we are going to Busch Gardens at the end of the month - you should come meet up with me! It would be fun to see you!

TheAkersFamily said...

Oh please please please let us know! We would love to meet up if we are in town!