Monday, July 16, 2007

He Spent it All in One Place!

Saturday was payday! Brody finished his first week doing his chores and got his first chore money/allowance... so we taught him today how to go out and blow your paycheck all at once, in one place! :)

We figured that if we wanted him to understand just how exciting it could be to earn money, that we should make sure he got something cool with his first allowance. So, we counted up all the money he has gotten from grandparents, etc... for birthdays and stuff... then we added his new money... and we went off to the mall.

We went into the Disney Store first, but there was NOTHING there that he really wanted that was within our price range... (go figure)

So, we were off to Target to look at the Hot Wheels stuff (which is his obsession at the moment). It was amazing to see how particular he was in choosing his toy. He would pick something out and tell me that he wanted it, but when I said "Is that what you want to buy with your money?", he would say "no", that he wanted to find something "better". Awesome!

Needless to say, it took a LOT longer than I expected for him to make a choice! It was such an Important and Serious choice! He is actually sitting on the floor here pondering if he wanted this toy.

The Hot Wheels starter track was on clearance, marked down about 10 bucks! So, we got that, and a pack of new cars.

He was so cute getting his money out of his pocket and paying for it. Then, he made sure to get the "seat" (receipt). My favorite thing about the day was when he kept asking me if things were too "Spen-sick" (expensive).

And, of course, Seth is happy because he got a ball, compliments of Mimi. :)

Too fun. We have one happy kid on our hands, and he knows HE bought it with his OWN money! Woo Hoo!

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