Thursday, September 06, 2007

Celebrity Look Alikes #2

Okay, so I posted the Celebrity look-alikes thingy and didn't really think I looked like any of the people... so I chalked it up to the face recognition software not being too good... but THEN I saw my friends Rachel and Sam had each done one and they looked JUST LIKE THEM! So I thought I would redo it with a better photo... and I STILL don't think I look like any of these people... AND the funny thing... NONE of the original people showed up on my second attempt. And don't even get me started that Gary Sinise is the 2nd closest to being my match.

Maybe I should go for the best out of 3? Or maybe I should just face the facts that I just don't have celeb looks, except for Gary Sinise!

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The Tramontanas..... said...

Jen, I don't think you look like Gary Sinise at all .... if that makes you feel any better! I think Marcia Cross is that's a good thing!!! (But I have to say I did get different results each time too, so My Heritage doesn't know what they're talking about!) Heheheheheeee