Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Someone save me from myself!

I picked the kids up today from daycare/school and then stopped at the Food Lion to pick up some stuff for dinner. Just for kicks, I set the odometer at 0 when I left the store to see how far it is to our house. Door to door it is... .7 miles! 3/4 of a mile! Not a mile! Do you know how many times I have jumped in the car to go LESS THAN A MILE to pick up something from the store?

So, I had this exciting little moment where I pictured myself walking to the store whenever I needed to get something, getting exercise, having time with my kids, being outside, etc...

...and then the excuses set in...

1. How do I walk a 1 and a 3 year old to the store and then be able to carry back all the groceries?
2. How do I get things like milk/eggs back without spoiling?
3. How hot is too hot to have my kids walking/riding that far?
4. How do I manage bags, stroller, and a 3 year old that likes to randomly run off?

I REALLY want to be able to just walk to the store and I would love for someone out there to invalidate all of my excuses!


Amylouwho said...

Here's my attempt to help!
1. Get one of those handy little grocery bags on wheels like the little ladies in Europe use. Have Brody be in charge of pulling it and put the rest underneath the seat of Seth's stroller.

2. Your milk/eggs won't spoil. If it was a 2 hour walk - you might have to worry.

3. It's bound to cool off here soon - so the heat won't be an issue.

4. see #1

Hope this helps! (I know, easier said than done!) Don't feel bad about driving when you do your big shopping.

The Tramontanas..... said...

Ok my suggestion is to shop at Kroger. Or Farm Fresh. They're both farther. ;) Heheeee

Charlotte said...

It's a great idea! When I lived in Arlington, I used to walk to Whole Foods all the time. It was just under a mile from my home, too. It felt so good to walk places, and getting exercise was easy when I had an errand in mind. I also love the idea of teaching your boys to walk whenever they can. It's good for our health, and good for the environment.

I used to carry my groceries home in a backpack. It was really easy to carry when everything was distributed that way. I recommend that you do your big weekly jobs with your car, but anytime you need to go pick a few things up, do it on foot.

I haven't tried walking toddlers to a store, but when I was nine and my brother was seven, we had to walk to the grocery store in Germany all the time. We just did it, and helped our mom carry the groceries back. Kids do what they have to do. Good luck!