Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back from the OBX

We just got home from a wonderful beach vacation in Waves, NC, down on the Outer Banks. Kurt and I took Brody and Seth, we met up with my sister, her husband, and their son, and my parents also joined in on the week. We all had a great time together. The house was noisy about 90% of the time, except for the RARE occasion that all three kids took a nap!

We have been going to the outer banks every year (minus just a couple here and there) since I was one year old. We used to go to a friend’s cottage in Nags Head for 2 weeks every summer while I was growing up, so OBX is a big part of my life. Now, my family enjoys the same vacations!

When we got down there, the threat of Tropical Storm Cristobal was the first thing on our minds, but all we got was a sprinkle every now and then (not even enough to keep us off the beach) and some wind. Still, we enjoyed beach time and lounging at the pool.

The kids loved it. Brody took to the water immediately, but Seth was cautious at first, but loving it by the end of the week.

We built sand castles, played lots of board games, read books, went out to dinner a few times, went to see the Hatteras Light House, played putt-putt golf, and really had a wonderful, relaxing time together.

We got too much sun, were tired of putting sunscreen on wiggly kids, drank too much wine, beer, pina coladas, and margaritas, were missing our comfy bed at home, and were ready to be back after 7 days. But, we wouldn’t change a thing. The best part of vacations is when you have had so much fun that you are ready to go back home!

I love my family and the fact that we can all get together and have a great time while living in the same house!

Here are just a few photos from the HUNDREDS that I (and Suz and Mimi) took during the week. Sorry for the LONG LONG post! I couldn't choose between all these cute photos!

Here is Seth with a Ghost Crab. He had NO FEAR and tried to get as close as possible.

A night hike to look for crabs

Loungin' with a nice cold drink

A stop to see the Hatteras Light House

All the cousins at the light

Seth, who was 27 over on the back 9 and 47 over on the front 9 :o)

Merman Seth

*sigh* cutie patootie

I can't believe I captured this on film. This was Seth reaching between his
legs and digging sand a little too far behind him.

Brody's favorite way to do the waves

Merman Brodes

The rash guard shirts made them look like little surfer dudes. I loved them!

Evan enjoying the beach on day 1 (Tropical Storm Cristobal day)

Seth LOVES his Pa Chuck!

Bryan and Evan spent a lot of time in the waves together. They even went far out!

Bedtime stories with Pa Chuck

I am sure that Seth ate his weight in sand this past week.

Baywatch for Babies

*sigh* The kids had a lot of fun together. I love that they play together so well.

Sisters... forever goofy.

On the way to the beach. Kurt took the camera every now and then to be sure we got some pictures of me. How else could we prove I was on that trip?

Here are Seth and I swimmin' in the pool! Seth learned to swim
unassisted with his vest on while halfway through the week.
We are so proud of him!

Bry, relaxing in the sun

Pa Chuck and Mimi at our favorite restaurant on the
causeway to Manteo, Tale of the Whale

I LOVE this photo.

Mimi down by the poolside.

Suz and Bry, GREAT photo! You all look so cute!

The Lilley Family Golfers

Look how blond Brody has gotten.

Suz looks fantastic.

Here Seth is finally enjoying the water


The Atlantic cousins

Mimi bought them these cool shirts. We had no problem finding them in a crowd!

Suz and Bry

The whole gang


Amylouwho said...

Fun fun fun!! I remember going down to Nags Head with you the summer after I graduated - do you remember painting t-shirts? (can you say nerdy? - i'm sure it was my idea)

I remember eating at Tale of the Whale - at least I'm pretty sure we ate there. Good times.

I can't believe how much Seth looks like you. Those boys are so cute.

My friends are moving in this week and I am coming down mid-August, so plan on seeing me! can't wait!

Sam and Rachel Tramontana said...

Jen - looks like you guys had a wonderful time!!! Glad Cristolbal didn't give you a problem! This was our first trip to the OBX this year and we thought the beach was great!!!

Charlotte Geary said...

What a fun trip! I love the photos!