Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Little Graduate

I am still not 100% on board with preschool graduation photos, but once you see the photo of your own kid, it doesn't seem quite as cheesy. :)

Here is Brody, all graduated from preschool and ready for Kindergarten!

It is crazy to think that in 13 years, he will be wearing a high school grad gown. :)


Nick&MelT said...

Here is why: it's all part of the yearbook/school photographer conglomerate conspiracy. You have his preschool graduation photo taken. Then 13 years later, you have his high school graduation photo later. And just because everyone NEEDS to see how adorable he was at 5 and how handsome he has become at 18, you will feel compelled to purchase a $365 ad in the back of his yearbook (designed by moi) to show them off side by side. Awwww...

TheAkersFam said...

Too funny, and coming from you, I am sure it is true! :)