Friday, May 29, 2009

The 5 year old brain....

Kids amaze me. I am sitting here working and the kids are playing upstairs...

Brody comes down and we had the following conversation:

Mommy, Do we have any gingerbread men left?

What gingerbread men?

The ones we made.

Gingerbread men? When did we make gingerbread men?

When we made them. Before.

Do you mean when we made gingerbread cookies for Christmas?

Yes. Those cookies. Do we have any more of those?

No, sweetie. We ate those 6 months ago.

Awwww man. Seth! You ate all the gingerbread cookies!

No, Brody. We all ate them. Six months ago. You ate them too. We can make some more 6 months from now, okay?

Okay! Great! Good idea!


Here is the blog post I made when we ACTUALLY made the cookies.

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