Sunday, December 23, 2007

Kitchen Remodel Stage 2 complete


I started this project way back in August and now the worst part of my kitchen makeover is complete. Tonight, at 11:14, I completed stage 2 of the kitchen remodeling project.

Phase 1: New overhead lights and under-the-cabinet lights. CHECK!

Phase 2: Refacing the kitchen cabinets. CHECK!
My old, dingy, yellowish wood color cabinets are completely redone with hardware!

Here is a photo of the old cabinets...

Here is how they look now (night photo... I need to take one in the morning)

Phase 3:

Crown molding on the top of the cabinets and 1/2 inch round along the walls.

Phase 4:
New paint on walls

Phase 5:
New tile backsplash

Phase 6:

Phase 7:
ALL new Stainless Steel appliances (coming in the year 2020) :)

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