Thursday, December 13, 2007

Said the blog author to her friends and fam....

... do you see what I see?

What do you think? Let me give you a little history...

Yippppeeee. We spent quite a bit of time on Wednesday baking and decorating our Christmas cut-out cookies. We had a really good time, with holiday songs playing and the kids making a huge mess.

Well, I came down the next morning and noticed something terribly wrong with our cookies. I am not quite sure what it could be, but the evidence seems to indicate that *something* or *someone* has taken bites out of a few of our cookies.


Kurt and I think it is probably someone (perhaps a small child)who hasn't quite figured out how to cover his tracks yet, and most likely, the one that wasn't in bed early that night.

What do you think?

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The Tramontanas..... said...

Jen, well you know our story. HEEHEE! Zachary decided to take 9 of the Hershey's kisses off the Hershey's peanut blossoms I made while I was otherwise occupied with the twins and Sam was on the phone. I can't beleive he ate NINE of the kisses. Not the cookies just the candy. Apparently our kids are in cahoots!