Monday, March 03, 2008

Current Status of Our Frugal Life


So, just by making some hard, hard decisions and making a few phone calls, each month we will save $492.00 so far! We won't be paying child care or house cleaning anymore. We went down in all of our plans for DirecTV, our phone, our internet connection. We got rid of Netflix.

So, just those changes got us $492 more a month! Now, we will work on getting rid of our car payment!



(I may need a lot of encouragement through this from all of you, my friends and family. Help me keep my priorities straight and remind me that it is all just STUFF)


The Tramontanas..... said...

Jen, one idea I had - lets swap baby-sitting services once a month. This way you don't pay somoene and we don't pay somoene. It doesn't have to be on a weeked per se, it could be on a weekend day - so we could do grocery shopping - get errands done, yard work, etc. but that might be something to consider. Or possibly get our hubbies to help each other on "projects" to get them done and over with quicker ...? Just a thought? I'm all about the being frugal. I know we paid some one to rake our leaves, wash our windows and we're getting ready to pay someone to rescreen our screens. WHat if we had the guys do all the screens - Didn't you guys say you had some to be redone? Just a thought on some "handyman" projects that they could do together that would A) save time and B) save moolah.

Amylouwho said...

Kudos to you Jen! I know it's hard - we live on one income and lucky for me my husband is already frugal and has taught me to be more so. I like what flylady says about all of our stuff. If it doesn't make you smile, bless someone else with who can use it. This puts us in the mindset of giving. That can also be used when thinking about buying something - does it make you smile? Having less stuff opens your mind to do other things instead of worrying about all of it. I don't know if this really helps - but I think it's great what you are doing. We are also trying to live simply. I'm going to start gardening this year to help save on produce.

Anonymous said...

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Charlotte Geary said...

Oh my gosh, that's fantastic. You are inspiring me!