Monday, March 24, 2008

Life Without TV?!

As I was reading her blog, I saw that a great friend of mine from High School has made the decision to get rid of her cable/satellite TV. She has two small children and stays home with them. I am so impressed with her decision! I would love to do the same, as I know it would save money and increase my time to get things done, increase my kids imaginations, etc... but I just can't imagine it! Isn't that sad?

If you had asked me "Are you addicted to TV?", I would have said No.

But now, even thinking about NOT having one seems CRAZY DIFFICULT! I suppose we could keep a tv just to watch DVDs, which would be fine for the kids. We get our news online, anyway, or from the paper where Kurt works. So, really, it wouldn't be THAT AWFUL. And just think of the space we would have in our family room if we took the tv out! There would be a lot more playroom!

Hmmmm.... this is something I will definitely have to think about. How much more time would I have every day if we didn't watch TV? How much more time playing and reading and cleaning and working? How much more time going outside as a family? Maybe we could just try for a week, or a month, just to see how it goes!

Hmmmmmm.... i will keep you posted!

If you are intrigued also, just do a google of "Life without TV" and there are lots of people who have done it and have written about it.

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