Thursday, September 18, 2008

Help Help! I need YOUR HELP!

Okay, so I need new glasses. I am not a very trendy person and would LOVE a fresh, new look. But, in my opinion, the new glasses that women are wearing (a la Tina Fey) all look EXTREMELY goofy on me!

So, I am asking all of you... please take a look at the photos below and then vote on the right side of my blog which ones look best. Try not to be distracted by the crazy goofy smiles in some of these photos and just look at the glasses shape, size, etc... I know they are all very similar, and you can't get a really good idea without seeing the sides of the glasses, but any help you give me is welcomed!

Thanks so much! I REALLY appreciate it! I will post a photo later after I buy the glasses to let you know which ones I bought!

BTW... Now that I can SEE again ( eye appointment blurry eye drops), I looked at the photos and my pupils look crazy creepy all dilated in these photos! Thanks for the votes so far!










Russo Family Adventures said...

oh my gosh you look so cute!!!! I say frame #2!!!! Frame #2!!! I feel like I'm on a game show!!! :D

rob said...

Hey, I wanted to get new glasses, too. Our insurance won't cover much so I gotta save up.

Anyways, I was going to say #7 before I even saw the results. Of course it would be easier to tell in person, but I'm gonna go ahead and say go #7!

Amylouwho said...

What a great post! I'm going to do that when I decide to get new frames. I voted for 5, but I also liked 7. I think I liked that the 5's seemed a little smaller.

Sam and Rachel Tramontana said...

:) I like 7 Jen! Very good idea!!!

KIM said...

Hey, great idea! But I am sure you looked hilarious in the eye store!

CJ and I vote for #7!

Anonymous said...

My fav's are 2 & 7. Also congrats on the weight loss. I too have been trying. I lost about 8 lbs but had some health issues and couldn't exercise for a few weeks and gained a few back. I'm back on the horse now though!