Monday, December 04, 2006

7 years ago today

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary. It has been an incredible ride so far. So much has changed in our lives and it is fun to think back to where we were on December 4th, 1999.

Here are just a few things I remember:

Kurt and I had just moved into an 800 sq. foot apartment in Fairfax, paying $1365.00 a month in rent!
I was whitening my teeth so they looked whiter than my wedding dress.
We had a Chevy Blazer and a Mitsubishi Convertible Eclipse.
Kurt was in a rock band, Rachel's Fault, and was also playing in an ice hockey league.
I was in a show choir, The Alexandria Singers.
I had a second job selling Yankee Candles at Fair Oaks Mall.
We were expecting our first nephew.
I was working at Booz·Allen, & Hamilton in Vienna as a multimedia developer.
Kurt was working for Henninger Media services in Arlington as an assistant editor.
We had 2 cats and an extra 5 cats worth of fur around our apartment.
I was taking golf lessons so I could spend more time with Kurt and his family when we visited them in Salem.
I stunk at golf.
We were attending Messiah United Methodist church in Springfield.
We were at least a 3 hour drive away from our parents and siblings.
We did things like go out to the movies at 9:30 pm, on a whim.
We were extremely career oriented.
We had only ever filed a 1040 EZ.
Credit cards were a means to a living.
Hamburger Helper was a staple in our diet.
A steak dinner was a BIG luxury.
We went out to clubs and bars with friends.
We owned our first cell phones and the company was Cellular One.
Our computer was a Compaq and it had somewhere around 250 Megs of memory. And that was AMAZING! Why would we ever need more?
We were "dinks" (dual income, no kids) and didnt know how great we had it!
Our vocabulary didn’t include words like: mortgage, life insurance, home-owners insurance, education fund, epidural, colic, play group, or daycare.
We knew that we wanted kids and a big house *someday*
We knew that our love was the kind that would last through anything and everything.

Today, we have our big house and our 2 kids, as well as all the responsibilites and financial burdens that come with those things. We are living a life in Christ, which has changed our lives beyond the imaginable. We are truly blessed and love the life that God has given us and that we have built together. We still have the kind of love that will last through anything and everything. I can only imagine with the next 7, 30, 50 years will bring us!

I love you, Kurt. Happy Anniversary, G!



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