Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas in Full Swing

We go to see Santa today. When I was growing up, we always went to Miller and Rhoads departement store in Richmond to see Santa. We would hear jingle bells up on the roof, then his feet would come down the chimney and hang there for a moment, then Santa would come barreling down and out into the room. He always remembered your name and there were lots of elves around. I always remember that he had really white, soft gloves. It was truly magical. We would have lunch in the tea room and eat Rudolph Cake while we listened to an organist play Christmas carols. There was also a small little room with a tiny door called The Fawn Room that only kids could fit into, and we would buy Christmas presents for our parents. How fun.

Well, Miller and Rhoads is long gone, but that SAME Santa is still in Richmond at the children's museum, and Mom, Suz, and I still go every year, taking our kids now. Here is a link all about him...

The Legendary Santa in Richmond, VA

I will be sure to post some pics. And you better watch out... Santa Claus IS IN TOWN!

Oh, and here is a pic of Seth getting in the Christmas spirit!

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