Friday, December 08, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

It is our tradition to go and pick out our tree on our anniversary, Dec. 4. This year it was the first time we had Seth with us and it was a full family event! We ended up with a great tree, too. It is the one on the right. :o)

When we get our tree, we ask the guy working there to cut off a couple inches from the bottom of the trunk and we save that little piece of the tree. We then write on it the year and then what happened in our lives that year. We have a little tree trunk from each year we have been married, so we just added our 7th. It says "2006 - The year of Seth, DisneyWorld, and Preschool". That is one of my favorite traditions. I wonder how many trunks we will have when all is said and done... and the even bigger question.... what should I DO with all of them? Any ideas?

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