Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Captured Moment

As a parent, every now and then I will see, hear, or feel something that creates an anxious, pressing urge/need to preserve it forever. I notice this a lot more with Seth, since I have seen how quickly Brody has grown up and I feel like I didn't take enough notice of all the little milestones. Most times, I don't have my camera or dvd-cam with me, so I find myself trying to emblazen the moment into my mind. I had one of those moments outside today and happened to capture it with my camera. This is Brody. He is almost 3. He looks at me as if I am the most amazing person he has ever known. Just one of my kisses can heal all wounds. When there are "dinosaurs in his bedroom" at night, I can lay with him (as well as Daddy) and they will all go away. I know how to get every toy imaginable. I also know how to FIX every toy. I know how to make the coolest train track setups in the world. I give him food when he is hungry, juice when he wants something sweet and thirsty, and I lay him down just when he realizes that he is tired and may want to take a nap. He must think i am amazing, even magical. I know he won't feel this way forever, but I will relish in it while I can.

Here is the way Brody looked at me when I told him that I loved him, and now I have it forever.


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