Monday, January 21, 2008

Big Helper in our House!

After Seth's birthday, we had a plastic tablecloth that I was going to throw away. Instead, I made it into a map that Brody uses to set the table. The best part is that he LOVES to do it! He is so proud of himself and makes sure that everyone has their cups and plates in the right place during the whole meal.

He has grown up so much. His chore chart has exploded with all of the things he does each day around the house, and he loves to check the things off. If he hasn't done something and I am awarding the checks, he wants to run and do them real quick so he can get all of his things checked off. It makes life MUCH EASIER for us!

Anywho, here he is setting the table.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering, in an effort to be healthier and practice portion control, Kurt and I have also started using kids plates! :)

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Amylouwho said...

This is such a great idea! You are still as creative as you ever were!