Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Eating In Effort

Ten days down in our effort to eat in for the entire month of January!

In an effort to recuperate from Christmas, Seth's birthday, and Brody's birthday, we decided to eat in the entire month of January. And, I don't just mean dinner... I mean NO eating out. No lunch, no ice cream, no tropical smoothie, no coffee, no dinner, no breakfast, no grabbing a soda from the drive through, NOTHING.

It has been AWESOME! I made a calendar of every night in January (adding in a *leftovers night" each week) and put a meal for each night. I made shopping lists for each week. I can't believe how much of what we spent was going to food on our credit card bill! We are eating MUCH healthier, using the groceries that we have instead of throwing them away because they went bad, and it has been liberating for me to know what we will be having for dinner each night! I just put the meat that needs to thaw in the fridge the night before.

I wonder how long we can do this. I bet we could do it past January!

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