Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas Catch-up

Okay... Christmas was wonderful in our house. Brody officially *got it* this year. Seth, not so much, but he still had fun being excited because Brody was excited.

After Christmas Eve service at our church, we put out cookies and milk.... NO WAIT... scratch that. Brody couldn't IMAGINE leaving milk for Santa, I mean *COME ON*, so at our home, he was warmed up with Hot Chocolate, and not just ANY Hot Chocolate, but hot chocolate with almost an entire bottle of red sprinkles in it. Mmmmmmm. I am sure he REALLY enjoyed it. Nothing like a little grit on top of your cocoa.

Seth was really into the cookies and had a hard time understanding that they weren't for him.

This is the look we got when we told him that he couldn't eat them. :)

We put out a tin of reindeer food in the driveway (which Kurt backed over with the car the next day #tee hee# )

and then Kurt tried to read "The Night Before Christmas" to the boys, but they weren't having any of that. So, they went to bed.

After Santa came and put all the loot out, I snapped a couple of shots to capture the madness of presents that were under our tree (and around and beside and scattered throughout the room).

Christmas morning came... and kept coming... and kept coming... so we figured we should go wake up the boys (I know... I'm getting angry thoughts from a lot of you parents out there with kids that get up at 5 and jump on your bed until you get up). We all went downstairs and had a WONDERFUL time opening up our presents!

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