Sunday, February 17, 2008

My friend's reveal

Some of you may know this friend, and most of you won't... but this is such a wonderful thing they did for their family. They are pregnant (after a long time trying) and when they went to find out the sex, they had the nurse put it in an envelope. Then, they waited a couple of weeks until their family was all together (some from out of town), had a big dinner together, and opened the envelope with their family there. I love the fact that everyone is sitting around with cell phones. You can tell they have all been waiting to find out and that there are even MORE people out there that wanted to know RIGHT AWAY, so they all had their phones on. The sheer joy of seeing the whole family that excited is entertainment for anyone, whether they know the couple or not... See for yourself!

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Charlotte Geary said...

That made me cry. How absolutely wonderful to have that moment recorded!