Friday, February 22, 2008

Our *snow* day

I am going back through my photos now because there were some things I wanted to post, but never got around to it.

Our Valentines Day was a let down. We had all the valentines ready to go to school. Brody and Seth were all excited! Unfortunately, we had a snow storm. I use the term extremely loosely.

*sigh* When you live in Virginia Beach, this amount of snow is cause to open the schools 2 hours late. And when your kid is in preschool, which only meets for 3 hours anyway, school is closed...

So... because of this blizzard, Brody was home all day and Valentines Day was postponed.

All you people in Michgan and New York and those places that you cant actually see houses because of snow drifts, you can stop laughing now and go out and buy some bread, milk, and toilet paper. :)

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Charlotte Geary said...

Ha! Just wait until I post the pictures of our trip in the mountains with Mel last week!